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Love transcends time & space.

I'm a compassionate, heart-centered storyteller who captures love, life, and connection. Every person, every couple, and every company has a story to tell. My mission in life is to help you create, craft, and cultivate your story that will be admired for generations to come.

What's your story?

Your Love Story...

Your love story should be made into a movie. Your love story is one that should be captured for others to revel and admire for generations to come. That beautiful, profoundly moving, life-giving, nostalgic-for-the-moment feeling of being deeply in love with your life partner, twin flame, and soul mate. My goal with my storytelling-based photography is to capture the essence of your love so you can re-experience that moment in time for lifetimes to come.

Companies With A Positive Impact

Companies with a positive social impact are important now more than ever. For the past four years, I've worked with companies, nonprofits, and government agencies that are at the forefront of the movement to use business as a force for good. I work with social impact companies and social enterprises to help the company craft its brand story, develop strategic communications to foster community, and design the brand to elevate the collective.

Companies I've Worked With

I'm Zebrina!


I'm a communications specialist, brand storyteller, photographer, and budding videographer who is proud to be based in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. I work with amazing couples, entrepreneurs, local businesses, government agencies, and companies to help them tell their stories in ways that connect with the hearts of people in their community!

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