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Email Marketing

Enhance relationships with your customers and acquire new customers with engaging email campaigns.

Layout Design

Boost your brand's marketing materials through engaging design of flyers, graphics, e-books, and more.

Website Creation

Create a new website or redesign your current one to ensure that your brand is connecting with your target audiences.

Social Media Consultation

Elevate your brand's social media platforms with a social media audit, consultation, and strategy session.

As a communications specialist, I specialize in content strategy, social media strategy, event photography, website creation, marketing materials layout design, and email marketing.


Let's connect so we can work together. I'd love to learn more about your communications needs!

Email Marketing

I've created email campaigns for companies like Progressively Getting Better, Women Ambassadors Forum, Tampa Bay Startup Week, Tampa Bay Wave, and more. The engaging email campaigns I create have an open rate of 50% to 75%, which is above the average email marketing benchmark of 21%.

The email marketing services I offer are strategy/consultation, template creation, implementation, and management. I can also create and write branded newsletters to connect with your target audience using the email marketing tool, MailChimp.


I design print and digital marketing materials, including flyers, social media graphics, branded marketing collateral, e-books, resumés, and more. I help bring your vision to life and create marketing materials that communicate your brand's message, your services, and your brand story.

Website Creation

I have had the honor of redesigning and creating engaging copy for websites including Progressively Getting Better, Tampa Bay Wave, and American Infrastructure Development. I can create and redesign websites using Shopify and Wix, while also training you on how to manage the website when needed. I also review, proofread, and copyedit content for your current website.

Social Media
Social Media Consultation

After performing a social media audit of your existing platforms, I offer a social media consultation where I provide you with a one- to three-month social media strategy. The strategy includes a suggested target audience, examples of social media content, an implementation plan, an engagement plan, and/or a content strategy. I have built social media communities like TampaBayPreneurs, which has 2,600+ Instagram followers.

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